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Why work with a property stager?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to work with a professional property stager.

So why you should use me? Here are 3 of the recent reasons people have chosen WildKind...

If you're a homeowner and you want to create a cohesive scheme:

  • You want to be brave with colour - But you're scared to get it wrong! Colour consultations are one of my favourite things to do. I can help you to move forward and make the right decisions for you and your home.

  • You need a cohesive scheme Did you get carried away in Homesense and end up with haphazard panic buys? We've all been there. I can help you nail a scheme that you love, that flows from one room to the next.

  • You're overwhelmed You might just have too many decisions to make right now, and analysis paralysis has set in. I can help you stand back, take stock and work through decisions to create a scheme that you'll love - long term!

This month I'm working with Heidi (who won my charity fundraising competition!) to transform her bedroom into the sanctuary she deserves! Our starting point is her Pinterest board which she's shared with me.

Heidi has some strong ideas, but doesn't know how to move forward. I can't wait to work with her to build on these ideas and create a beautiful, relaxing space. I'll keep you updated! If you're a property investor or developer:

You're busy, and interior design decisions are taking you away from the day job. You need someone to take control of your project and deliver it to a high standard - first time!

The market has slowed, and you know you need to take action to stand out from the crowd to get your property sold. Professional staging helps get your property off the market before it stagnates,

With 33 apartments to sell, Manchester-based developer Jonathan did exactly that.

I staged the first plot, which sold for the full asking price. Jonathan was delighted! I then moved everything into the adjacent plot that had been recently completed.

It's now on the market. Watch this space!

Things that I've been up to lately...

Wrote my first magazine article

I wrote about kitchen trends for Vinyl Pros magazine, an industry magazine for vinyl wrapping specialists. If you don't know what vinyl wrapping is, it's the sustainable alternative to getting a new kitchen. Bored of your cupboards and work surfaces, but the layout works well for you? Vinyl wrapping could be just what you need! Check it out... (Nearly!) finished a hotel bedroom refurbishment This stunning, family-owned stately home was first built in the 1822 and is now a wedding venue and spa. Phaze 1 of the refurbishment will see the transformation of 9 bedrooms including the circular Duke of Wellington Suite, named after its famous guest.

Hotel interior design has long been a dream of mine and I can't wait to reveal before and after images in the not too distant future! The palette is based on Georgian colours, which inspire brands such as Farrow and Ball and Little Greene. Shh.. here's a sneaky peek at some of the original design concepts, which demonstrate how each room is unique whilst being part of a cohesive scheme...

Tempted to visit..?

Became a PIN speaker

I'm excited to announce that I'm officially a speaker on the PIN (Property Investors Network) circuit! I'll be touring the North with my presentation; 'How to make more money through the power of emotional selling'.

If you're an established property investor (or a budding new one), I'd love you to come along and listen to me talk about the psychology of selling, the power of a brand and colour psychology in interiors.

Remember - You only get one chance to make a first impression and interior design can help you nail it!

Best wishes,



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