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Why Wild? Why Kind?

This year, I've been working hard to paint a picture of what WildKind is really about!

Want to know the story behind the name ‘WildKind'...?


Wild: I love all things colour and pattern! Introducing them into my clients' lives in a way that works for you.
Kind: I love helping my clients to make slower, more careful and more informed decisions that they will love, and that will last for many years to come; so kinder on your wallet (yay!) and kinder to the planet (double yay!).

 I want to show you the WildKind way....

Over the summer, I missed out on a meaty bit of business. After I’d finished shouting and stamping my feet (wink), I sat down to think about what I could do about it, and consider the factors within my control. And I realised that for over a year I’d been winning business on natural wit and charm (lol) and iPhone images alone!

Time to get serious!

Just when I realised that I needed to showcase my work in a more professional format, in stepped the lovely Darren Rawson from DPR Images, and Nikki of Nikki Carter Designs. Darren and I visited 6 properties I’d recently staged, and we got some fantastic images.

Then Nikki worked her magic to create a brochure I can be proud of…

Want to see my beautiful brochure? Keep reading....

The kits shown in my brochure are helping developers around the North to sell their properties. And if you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know all about why property staging makes sense...

Stats aren’t as impressive as stories...


Want to hear my best story yet?

Earlier this year, I staged a 1 bedroom apartment for sale. But before I did my thing, the estate had valued the property at 150k.

The apartment needed a little TLC before going on the market, so I specified a paint colour for my client, and they got to work making it look more presentable.

Once the ground work was done, my team and I went in with the staging kit and voila! The apartment was quite literally transformed.

Guess what happened next?

The agent went back to revalue the property, and it went back on the market for 25k more (yes, you read that right!)

And the best bit?

An offer was made for full asking price!

Now, for full transparency, unfortunately that offer fell through... however, a later offer was accepted for 15k over the original value price, and with a £1600 staging price (plus a few tins of paint), that is not a bad return on investment I think you’ll agree.

One. Happy. Client.


P.S. Still want to see that brochure?

Here's a sneaky peak.... Drop me an email with 'Brochure please!' in the subject line, and I'll send you the full edition!


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