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50 Shades of Meh

So how exactly did grey paint became so popular in the early noughties?

I'm not too sure!

It might have something to do with the fact that it sits well with other colours, arguably more so than other ‘neutral’ colours like stone and beige.

Unlike every other colour known to the human eye, true grey (that’s grey made from black and white only) has zero positive psychological qualities. In other words, from an emotional perspective, it can’t possibly make you feel good.

That’s why when people create a grey colour scheme, it just doesn’t feel quite right, so they try to fix the problem by adding ‘pops’ of brighter colour for interest and warmth.

My 5 fave warm greys

If you’re going to use grey, try layering different shades of grey and use ‘warm’ greys, these are greys with a hint or ‘undertone’ of yellow, red or brown and they immediately feel way cosier. Here are my five faves:

  • Benjamin Moore "Annapolis Grey"

  • Little Greene Paint Company "French Grey"

  • Mylands "Crace"

  •  Farrow & Ball "Skimming Stone"

  •  Coat "Margot"

This gorgeous bedroom uses Farrow and Ball's 'Pigeon', one of their grey colours with green undertones. In some lighting it can appear very green, and it’s quite surprising! I hope I’ve brought a little warmth into your grey world!


Real vs. Faux Plants


I was talking to an investor recently about whether or not she should accessorise her Serviced Accommodation with real plants. There are obvious downsides let's face it, and most people in this situation wouldn’t touch real plants with barge pole (or a bamboo cane!).


But I strongly feel that in the right SA property (and in the vast majority), there’s no place for fake. I’m team real all the way and here are my reasons why…

  • The look: There’s no denying that plants make us feeeel good. But they also look great too. And even better… they’re a pretty low cost way of adding a designers touch to your finished scheme.

  • The feel: How do you want your guests to feel when they stay in your property? Happy? Relaxed? I reckon so! Real plants can help with that. Numerous studies tell us that exposure to nature, even indoors, can increase feelings of wellbeing. We are humans. We evolved in nature. It makes us feel at peace. Using real plants will enhance your guests levels of contentment, with minimal effort. Plants act as natural air purifiers so they’re perfect for spaces that stand empty for a few days at a time. Who needs artificial air fresheners?

  • The fun: Humans LOVE a purpose! Yes, your guests are on holiday but you want them to feel that your property is a home away from home. Leave instructions about how to care for your plants, plus a mini watering can or two, and your guests will feel they’re part of your plant’s lives. Just choose your plants carefully. Make sure they’re easy to look after. Get creative with a handwritten card attached to a stick and inserted into the soil of the pot, as if the plant had written the care note itself! You can also select plants from a nearby garden centre where guests can visit, thereby helping other small businesses to thrive.

What about you? Botany plants lately? ;)

Let me know!

Louise x


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