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Top tips for designing your dream home office

Keen to make your WFH space more productive AND bring you more joy in 2023? Here are my top five tips for designing a home office...

1. Find a window...

...And put your desk next to it! Ideally facing it, to prevent glare reflecting off your screen. Natural light has been linked to higher energy levels and feelings of job satisfaction. Taking a break to blink and re-focus your eyes (look up to the trees and watch the leaves!) also helps to prevent eyestrain. If you haven't got a window, use lamps to give the light (and you!) a boost.

2. Add greenery

Whether you have a garden view or not, real houseplants have loads of proven benefits! They reduce stress, improve the air quality and increase your sense of wellbeing - and they look great too.

3. Bring the fun!

A cluttered desk can be overwhelming, but a sterile work environment can be equally depressing. Find some personal items that make you happy, such as wall art, photos, your favourite mug or colourful stationary, and put them in your line of sight. Aim for quality over quantity!

4. Mix it up

Don't just sit there all day - your brain (and glutes!) will thank you for moving! Try some desk yoga, take a dance break or take a deep breath and sing! Try to position your chair away from walls so you have plenty of room room to stretch.

5. Smell your way to success

Did you know that certain smells can make you more productive, as well as happier? Lavender reduces stress and anxiety, peppermint can boost energy, and rosemary makes you more alert.

Invest in a diffuser and get sniffing!

Hope this helps!

Louise x


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