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Interior design tips to get more money from your holiday let

Whether you’re selling properties or selling rooms, any interior designer worth their salt knows we’re here to make you more money, more quickly. Simple!

If we’ve not got our sights on that, we may as well hang up our fabric

samples and go home! But there’s something else just as critical at play here.

To get the best return on your investment, you’ve got to play the long game, and I don’t just mean by holding onto your assets.

If you want to attract the best guests and charge the highest rates, you need an effective interior design strategy which puts your target client at the heart. Get this right, and you’ll have a finished product that not only works super hard for you but that stands the test of time too.

Let’s dig in!

1. Get out of your head (and into your client's!)

I love to say this to my clients as it feels a little bit naughty. ‘It’s not about you!’

Yup, you heard me. And in my many years of doing this, the most common mistake I see is when a client gets so hung up on the minutia of whether they like a fabric or they would have a particular light fitting - but that’s not what this is about. You are not your target client.

It might be easier said than done. My best advice? Create a customer avatar!

And you can really have fun with this! Grab a drink, get comfy and find your creative side. Give your client a name, a job, a lifestyle; what car do they drive, where do they shop and eat and live. What do they read. Who are they visiting with and what do they expect during their stay.

Put it this way - a romantic couples retreat should feel different to a getaway for groups of friends!

Once you’ve nailed your avatar, you can start honing in on how your design is going to appeal to your target client.

2. Plan the macro AND the micro

When you're thinking about the bigger picture, space planning and layout are crucial aspects of interior design. Efficient use of space will make your holiday let function in the best possible way, allowing it to flow logically and giving every area a purpose. Open plan can work brilliantly for maximising natural light and views.

But don’t forget those finishing touches! Small details like the choice of colour

palette, textures and accessories will elevate your guest experience. Don’t underestimate

the power that colour has to create positive behaviour, feeling and mood. And stylish yet

durable furniture is a must if you’re playing the long game (buy cheap buy twice, right?!)

3. Add a pinch of local flavour

To create a truly unique and memorable experience for your guests, think about integrating local elements into your design. Showcase the charm of the local area through art, décor and design elements. If your property is located in a historial town, antique furniture and vintage elements can transport guests back in time.

Be careful though...There’s a difference between a subtle nod to heritage here and

there, and all out theming. We've all seen those coastal properties that really go for it with a nautical look!

Go back to your guest avatar and ask them the question!

4. Know your task lighting from your ambient lighting

Are you one of those people who can’t relax when the big light is on? No? Just me then!

Seriously though, lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood and ambiance of your holiday let. Different areas within the property will require different lighting solutions and an overhead light and a table lamp just ain’t cutting it.

Task lighting is essential in kitchens and workspaces, while ambient lighting sets the mood in living areas and bedrooms. Think about using a mix of wall lights, table and floor lamps to light different levels. Light up architectural features such as recessed ceilings and use dimmable fixtures to adjust the lighting to suit different occasions and tricky guests (who, moi?).

Where budget allows, consider incorporating smart lighting systems that guests can control with ease. This adds a contemporary touch to your property and enhances the comfort of your guests.

Which brings me to my next point...

5. Technology Raises the Bar

In today’s digital age, guests expect modern amenities in their holiday accommodation, and I think this is a really quick and easy win for you Enhancing your property with cutting-edge technology adds convenience and comfort that guests might not have at home, so you’ve wowed them from the get go! Consider the following tech features, depending on your budget:

  1. Smart Home Systems: these allow guests to control lighting, temperature and even entertainment systems with their smartphones.

  2. High Speed Wifi: let’s face it, most guests expect to be able to stay connected, unless they know they’re deliberately going off grid for a few days

  3. Streaming Services: make life easy for families by providing access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime or Disney +. Parents will love you forever!

  4. Keyless Entry Systems: installing the technology for a contactless check-in and check-out experience should make everyone’s life simpler, especially yours

Go forth and fill your books!

In a nutshell, interior design is your secret weapon for boosting rental income in holiday lets. So - think about your guests, pay attention to the details, get creative with lighting, add local charm and finally, embrace tech.

These tips will keep guests coming back for more, ensure you get repeat bookings, minimise voids and ultimately, increase your long term earnings. Bingo!


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